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"Here you have everything for a perfect wedding"

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Dana Varadi

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    My story ... well ... is not a long one but not short either, I would say it's one of a really lucky child. I was born on December 27, 1968 in Timişoara. (Siladhi Daniela Maria name from birth certificate). But for that mistake "Siladhi" instead of "Silaghi" (inherited from dad) we had to change our name to avoid inconvenience that occurs every time you fill out any papers and so the whole family became: Sălăjan. I have one brother "Doru" and my parents Maria and George who are retired. I grew up in my grandmother's village in Sanmihaiul Roman where I attended my first year of kindergarten. My incline for singing is inherited from my father (a Transylvanian with a strong voice) and my dancing passion from my mother (a former dancer). My brother also has the talent but less exploited. (a few years at the school of music Ion Vidu - trumpet and piano.) Not sure exactly when I started singing, I could say that I always sing, singing since I can remember. Since kindergarten I went on stage with great enthusiasm and ironically, I liked it terribly, always asking the teacher for several roles including the presenter. It seems that I fell in love with the stage, with everything that meant public performance. It is really not a difficult task to get to love something so beautiful. I think that being an artist is the best job in the world because its done singing The desire to sing became greater and more diverse as I grew up. It was an age when I was not yet decided what I wanted most: to dance or sing? Because I liked both.

    I decided to dance since elementary school and was a part of Mr. Marcel Botcheller's modern dance and ballet group. With this group we had many performances including for Romanian Television (TVR 1),the only one back then. At one of the shows held in the Roses Park in Timisoara I was pleased to see a band with many children, all with guitars and sang so beautifully that I could not get them off my mind. Back then I did not know who were these wonderful children. They did not have a famous name back then, they were only the group from Children's Palace in Timisoara. I asked my parents to buy me a guitar because I felt that it was the desire of my life. And before long I have been a member of that group, which by then received a name, now already established: FLORES. Under Ion Mătăsaru, a wonderful music teacher, we were taught the small first steps towards professionalism, the requirements of television screens with great artists of Romania, what means a recording studio or endless rehearsals. I consider myself very lucky because thanks to the Flores I had a wonderful childhood which I never get tired to talk about and also because this helped me to become what followed. But time does not stand still, so childhood passed very quickly, and I, though small in stature (slightly larger than my own guitar) had to retire from the group I loved so much and make room for the ones younger than me (after all, it was the Children's Palace, not adolescents). That did not mean I couldn't sing anymore. No way ... I was singing with the same enthusiasm everywhere I went: on trips, camps, with class mates in high school, I was always the "girl with the guitar". I never broke up with my guitar. During high school I participated in many competitions locally and beyond, not only solo, but also in a duet form with a friend - DUO DANA -. The same way I discovered the Flores group at a show, I was discovered by a gentleman at another show, who was for me many years, like a second father, namely Mr. Galetin Gheorge. With the end of high school I had the good fortune of being given a hand by Mr Galetin who took me under "his caring wing" and hired me as secretary-treasurer at the Manufacturer Club in Timisoara. During these six years I have had a lot of understanding, guidance and patience from Mr. Galetin who was a father to all the little artists who collaborated with that club. Here I had my own rehearsal room and not only that, I had my first band composed entirely of girls "Cristal." We were all vocalists as well as.

    I've always said that the guitar is and will remain the instrument closest to my heart. I do not deny that even today, only that for a short period (more than needed) I toyed with drumming. The feeling I experienced was the fulfillment of the soul, especially since drumming was also something less feminine and interesting. I would not have thought it would make me happy, but ... I liked immensely .... it's cool ...

    I believed myself fully accomplished, I did not know that it can be more. I was never tired of singing, so I thought I could also perform at a restaurant at night if I was lucky enough to be accepted. Great was my joy after I gave a sample (viewing) in front of the hotel restaurant Timisoara's management I was accepted, especially since I did not have the certificate needed at that time to perform, only various diplomas earned at various competitions. It did not take very long and I walked among the freelance artists, receiving "Certificate A" in the category of light music singer. Well, that was like a trophy to me, although now it no longer holds any value. I was very happy because I had two jobs and I loved both. Also in the Manufacturer Club I had the opportunity to work with many ladies and gentlemen teachers and trainers who thaught various training courses organized then in our institution. So I met Mr. Ciucur Zaharia offered to give me the opportunity to work in the same field but at the Youth House in the company SAM (School of Business and Crafts) as artistic, cultural and educational activities of the Manufacturer Club would end . But the more important part I left for the end. Also at the Manufacturer Club I was fortunate to know a man who would become "my husband", then just Janos Varadi the drummer of the band named Foileton (band members: Sorin Bocerean, Marius Mihalcea, Janos Varadi and his brother, Lajos Varadi). In that time I was just enjoying the care of a true friend; I could safely say "my best friend" and a drum instructor that I deffinately need for I drove to a nervous breakdown all of my rehearsal colleagues with my "skills". Honestly I had a hard time parting with the club where I used to go every day already, my little office with telephone through central, my rehearsal hall with lots of posters on the walls, my fellow rockers and folklorists alike, work colleagues with whom I spent allot of time together and was getting along with . But that's that ... Youth House was a new challenge. That school had success and my new colleagues were wonderful. My new boss was kind, loving and very friendly. I very much I wanted him resemble Mr. Galetin. I spent beautiful years and there and keep in touch even now after so many years of not working at the school.

    Anyway ... I got married. In order to be accomplished (in my opinion) fully you must have a family and at least one child. I've always loved children as to where I started on the same path in life with my very friend Janos Varadi. I do not think anyone could understand my artistic feelings better than another artist. We play together and this makes us happy. We have a girl now, a "college freshman" who loves rock music and is our pride in all respects even if she doesn't continue with our "musical tradition". Over the years I have played in many places in Timisoara and elsewhere. But a new challenge due to appear in my life: folklore music. I would never have thought that I can sing anything else, honestly I never tried, but the situation changed abruptly in Germany where I had a local contract and had to cover the folklore part as well since a colleague with whom I went on the road was forced to return home. It's true that "you do not know what you're missing if you do not try." I started listening folklore music from another angle. If until then, that music was just some cool rhythm to dance along with, I quickly found myself in the position that I had to struggle to retain melodies and texts for as many songs as I could to be singing soon. I honestly tell you that it was not easy at all, but I do not regret it. On the contrary, I am glad this genre came into my soul.

    Passion to play if there is, it never goes away, anytime you hear someone singing you will realize that you are special because, "what comes from the soul is divine" and this visible even for the naked eye. The more you get to sing in front of people, the more you want to have a repertoire as rich and as varied as you can to please everyone who listens. That was my motivation as well and it made me collect thousands of songs for all tastes.

    And this is about how and who I am...Dana Varadi